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Electrolux Professional introduces SkyLine advanced Cook & Chill System in India

Date : 4th June 2019
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SkyLine Cook & Chill Solution

The new Combi Oven and Blast Chiller can be integrated and communicate each other

After its global launch in the European market last month, Electrolux Professional, world’s leading Food, Beverage, and Laundry solution provider, has introduced their most advanced ‘Cook & Chill’ Solution, SkyLine, in the India market. Embedded with technology features which ensure marked improvement in performance and reliability, the new version of Combi Oven and Blast Chillers can work either as independent units or can work as an integrated system with ability to communicate each other.

By introducing these innovative Cook and Chill solution, Electrolux has become the only professional kitchen equipment manufacturer in the world which manufactures both Combi Ovens and Blast Chillers and able to offer an “integrated solution” which can work in a “connected” environment.  
Marco Pesce, Regional Head – South East Asia & India, Electrolux Professional was in Delhi recently to introduce the new equipment and its features to the Chefs and Distributors and Partners. He said that the machines while working in an integrated fashion in a connected kitchen environment can help reduce the food cost, food wastage and help manage the staff better. “The system is fully automatic and therefore wouldn’t require a professional chef to operate,” he said.
The SkyLine Premium Ovens is touted to have the lowest running costs among combi ovens in the market and is best in class for its ergonomics and usability with guarantee of up to 10% profitability for users. Similarly, SkyLine Chill Blast Chillers are designed to offer extended shelf-life thereby helping contain food cost, optimised workflow, outstanding performance with savings for businesses and the environment. “They are two appliances with one DNA,” Pesce said. 
Electrolux Professional as a solution provider has been working on developing these machines for a while, Pesce said, and in the process have made huge investment in R&D, Software, the Cloud platform, and a new production line. “We have big expectation as far as market response is concerned,” he added. 
While Electrolux has started delivery of the new machines in the European market, Pesce said that the company would be able to start distribution of the new Cook & Chill system in India starting June.
When asked about adaptability to Indian cooking concepts and cooking conditions, Pesce said that India has become a vital market for Electrolux in the last few years, and therefore any new product by the company doesn’t go out in the market without field testing in India. He said that the machines are programmed to deliver Indian Tandoor-oriented cuisines with same smoky flavour, colour, etc. with utmost consistency. 
“Last year was a record growth year for us in India. We grew by 30% in India last year. We have a major market share in the professional kitchen equipment market here. With these new machines, we hope to further enhance our reach and market share,” he said.



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